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Prof. Dr. habil. Georg Kneer

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Appointed as Professor for Scientific Foundations in 200, Kneer received his doctorate in 1994, and qualified to teach at professorial level in 2004. Scientific Assistant at the Westphalian Wilhelm University Münster and at the Environmental Research Centre Leipzig-Halle. His areas of interest are: sociological theory, theories of society, cultural analysis, theory of communication and media, scientific research. His most recent publications is: Georg Kneer, Markus Schroer (Hg.): Soziologische Theorien, 2009. Georg Kneer: Jenseits von Realismus und Antirealismus. Eine Verteidigung des Sozialkonstruktivismus gegenüber seinen postkonstruktivistischen Kritikern, in: Zeitschrift für Soziologie, Heft 1, Jg. 38, 2009.

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