HaptICS – Haptic interface communication system

Worldwide, studies in vehicle and associated cockpit development are looking at driver safety, comfort, and performance in complex traffic situations. This research project aimed to develop and verify basic data and technologies for a new haptic interaction and communication system as a component in the system of cockpit controls. The project had two parts: the development of a systematic approach to deal with extracted haptic stimuli and the development of technical possibilities for applications to an assumed cockpit situation. Both when designing the system and developing the hardware components a modular and scalable concept that could be applied to various operating situations with little modification was followed.

Project leader
Project staff


Prof. Hans Krämer
Ron Jagodzinski
Götz Wintergerst
Daimler AG, HS Karlsruhe, Faurecia Interior Systems
Oct 2005 – Sep 2008
BMBF FHprofUnt

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