ID Module 1120

Module code


Module title

Foundations of Interaction I


Interaction Design

Module type


Module form


Duration of module

1 semester

Offered in

winter and summer semesters

Studio workload

45 hours

Self-directed workload

105 hours

ECTS credits


Module leader

Prof. Jens Döring

Email address

e-mail address

Learning outcomes

After completing this module successfully you will understand fundamental conceptual, design, and historical aspects of interaction design. You will understand the visual communication parameters and their effect in of interaction design. You will have had an introduction to and practice in the fundamental methods and problem-solving strategies in design processes and will be able to judge the technical and design aspects of design applications on the basis of this. You will be able to solve design problems individually, including design concepts, sensorial and informational aspects and make prototypes.

Module content

An analytic view of the different design approaches, organizational and interaction possibilities, internal structuring, formal and aesthetic execution, and social relevance of existing products will be carried out. Simple design concepts will be created and executed emphasizing content and the aesthetic aspects using formal design parameters of interaction design. Familiarisation with the fundamental aspects of visual, acoustic, and network-based media technologies. Creation of a product combining simple digital input and output systems and high-level programming.

teaching units in this module

Introduction to design factors (2 contact hours)
Media technology (1 contact hour)

Module tutors

Prof. Jens Döring;
Martin Fuchs;

teaching and learning methods

Lectures, exercises, tutored project work, workshop.


Project work, presentation, documentation

Teaching language

German (English)

Prerequisite for

Module 1220, Foundation of Interaction II
Module 1230, Interactive Communication Systems
Module 1240, Interface Design

Recommended literature

Moggridge, Bill: Designing Interactions, MIT Press 2004
Cooper, Alan; Reimann, Robert; Cronin, David: About Face Interface und Interaction Design, MIT Press 2010
Dawes, Brendan: Analog In, Digital Out - Brendan Dawes on Interaction Design, New Riders 2006
Dahm, Markus: Grundlagen der Mensch-Computer-Interaktion, Addison-Wesley Verlag 2005
O‘Sullivan, Dan; Igoe, Tom: Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with Computers, Premier Pr 2004
Stapelkamp, Torsten: Screen- und Interfacedesign. Gestaltung und Usability für Hard- und Software, Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2007
Norman, Donald: The Design of Everyday Things, Perseus Books 2002

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