PD Module 3240

Module code


Module title

Theory of Design I


Product Design

Module type


Module form


Duration of module

1 semester

Offered in

winter and summer semesters

Studio workload

90 hours

Self-directed workload

150 hours

ECTS credit points


Module leader

Prof. Dr. habil. Angelika Karger

Email address

e-mail address

Learning outcomes

After completing this module successfully you will be command the basic scientific working methods in accordance with the ethos of the Community of Scientists: truth and truthfulness, transparency, replication, and verifiability. You will be able to recognize the sensitivity of the border between the theories and practice of science and design. You will recognize mental, real, and virtual models of scientific working and writing and will be able to differentiate between everyday and scientific knowledge. You will be familiar with current conclusions and their relevance to verification and falsification. You will be able to transfer these models in part to practical design work.

Module content

Fundamental scientific working techniques; the scientific ethos, the expert's dilemma. The relationship between theory and practice in science and design, forms of logic and methods of innovation. mental, real, and virtual models, techniques of scientific working and writing; the sharpness of the border between everyday knowledge and scientific knowledge; application of theoretical models in practice; abductive, inductive, and deductive conclusions (accidentally true, probably true, and necessarily true conclusions); verification and falsification; paradigms; the traps of dogmatism and ideologies.

Module teaching units

Foundations of Science (2 contact hours)
Sociology of Design (2 contact hours)
Presentation techniques (2 contact hours)
Seminar/Workshop Week


Knowledge of German, Module 3240 and 3340

Module tutors

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, seminars, exercises, papers, self-directed work (between studios), brief journals


Attendance, journal, paper

Teaching language

German and/or English

Prerequisite for

This module can be recognized for the KG and IG courses by agreement.
Modules 3340, Theory of Design II

Recommended literature

M. Theisen, Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten: Technik – Methodik – Form, München 2005;
C. Stickel-Wolf/J. Wolf. Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten und Lerntechniken, Wiesbaden 2005;
Helmut Balzert, Marion Schröder, Christian Schäfer, Reihe: Softskills, 2nd edition, Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten, ISBN: 978-3-86834-034-1