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Prof. Franz Biggel

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Appointed Professor for the design of product systems and the technological and engineering aspects of product development in 1992. Since 2000 he has been Ethics counsellor. Biggel studied engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm from 1984, and then worked freelance, his clients including PER (Roericht) in Ulm and Wilkhahn. He developed the Picto office chair programme. Since 1989 he has been a guest lecturer at the University of the Arts in Berlin.
In 1992 Biggel founded the design office “7.5 Projektgruppe” and since 1993 has undertaken developments for Pohlschröder, Hermann Miller USA, and later for the textile industry. His HfG project “Fern:seher” was featured at the State Garden Show 2000 in Singen.

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