GoHfG foun­ding offensive


Our crea­tive poten­tial at the HfG, such as more than 300 soci­ally rele­vant and market-oriented HfG semester and final projects per semester are almost never imple­mented. We want to acti­vate this unused poten­tial for the future: With our foun­da­tion offen­sive goHfG.


The goHfG team orga­nizes and mode­rates go events and advises students and foun­ding teams in the foun­ding forum.

Consul­ta­tion appoint­ments on busi­ness start-up topics by appoint­ment:
Wednesday 8:30 or 10:00 am
in the mate­rials library / foun­da­tion forum

 Carolin Morlock

Carolin Morlock

goHfG Systemic Consultant and Coach
Contact person for consultation appointments

Prof. Gerhard Reichert

Prof. Gerhard Reichert

goHfG Projektleiter

 Stefanie Weber

Stefanie Weber

goHfG Projektassistenz


With the goHfG start-up initia­tive we want to sensi­tize you to the topic of foun­ding a company and support you with your projects with the goGrün­dungs­be­treuung on your way to a start-up.

The syste­matic sensi­ti­sa­tion, quali­fi­ca­tion and active goGrün­dungs­be­ra­tung is based on diffe­rent modules such as goScou­ting, goWork­shop etc:

Key players in the regional start-up ecosystem (scouts) syste­ma­ti­cally screen the exhi­bited semester and final theses and iden­tify parti­cu­larly promi­sing projects and moti­vated students.

Work­shops for the further deve­lo­p­ment of projects/​startup ideas into an initial busi­ness model.

Successful students and teams are speci­fi­cally brought into contact with important part­ners from the foun­ding ecosystem and coached by them and the goHfG team.

Group coaching for foun­ding teams for team deve­lo­p­ment and also for gender-specific body language and commu­ni­ca­tion within the team, in order to streng­then trust and commu­ni­ca­tion skills and to improve team manage­ment in the long term.

Deve­lo­p­ment of new teaching concepts on topics of perso­na­lity deve­lo­p­ment, with the aim of disco­ve­ring and promo­ting important quali­ties needed for entre­pre­neur­ship (such as orga­ni­sa­tional and imple­men­ta­tion skills, resi­li­ence and self-manage­ment, conflict manage­ment and coope­ra­tive beha­viour) and on topics of busi­ness manage­ment (such as product life cycle, busi­ness model canvas, customer orien­ta­tion, market analysis, network stra­te­gies, legal forms).

Networ­king events with students (inclu­ding busi­ness admi­nis­tra­tion and tech­no­logy) from other univer­si­ties are offered to expand the foun­ding team competencies.

Concrete support for start-ups by advi­sing on finan­cing and funding oppor­tu­ni­ties and by estab­li­shing needs-related cont­acts with players in the (regional) economy. In this phase, the start-up teams get started and estab­lish their start-up.

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