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International Seminar Week 2018

Minimalism and Complexity

The International Seminar Week 2018 takes place Monday, 23 through Friday, 27 April.

This year's ISW centers on minimalism and complexity. Minimalism is not meant to be conceived as a style – but as a means to understand and represent aspects of complexity. Meaningful reduction is an integral part of the self-conception of the design discipline. Reduction requires focusing on users, tasks, contexts. Ironically working on minimalist solutions is highly complex. Designers need to have an excellent command of their specialist field, while at the same time they have to think of technological, social, economic and ecologic implications.

Thanks to our renowned international teaching staff we are able to offer a wide variety of design approaches in this year's lectures and workshops.

How was the international seminar week 2017?

I had a wonderful time at the HfG. The hard work, technical confidence and creativity of the students was impressive, as always, and the organization was perfect – as always. The ISW is a jewel. But please work a little harder on the weather! :-) I would be delighted to return.
Paul Jackson, Israeli Origami Center

Ich kenne keine andere Hochschule, die so ein spannendes internationales Event auf die Beine stellt.
Anne Niemetz, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Great workshop, thanks so much!
Chris Ebbert, Nottingham Trent University

Thank you all for this so particular atmosphere which we shared together. This year was another great edition. It was so nice to meet or see again this funny and brilliant team.
Samuel Roux, École Supérieure d‘Art et de Design, Orléans

I want to thank you again for your wonderful hospitality. You always make us all feel at home in Schwaebisch Gmuend. It was really great to meet old friends and to make new ones. Until next time.
Anat Katsir, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem

I have the post-Schwäbisch Blues, big time. That was so much fun that I can‘t get the smile off my face. Thanks for the organization and the friendship!
Prof. Dr. Michael Leube, FH Salzburg

I felt that the HfG has some special character. Great people and students too.I have not been in such a great workshop before.
Prof. Hannu Vanhanen, Arctic University Rovaniemi

It was one of my best ISW's that I attended so far. Amazing mix of people, we came from different places and individual strengths yet we had so much in common.
Prof. Jasjit Singh, Lund University

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