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Areas of expertise

The members of the HfG draw their expertise from research and development activities in the three core areas of interaction, communication, and product design. Activities focus on:
· Design of digital media
· Innovative ergonomics
· Tangible interaction research
· Trans-media visualization
· Sustainable design

Ergonomics and Usability Laboratory
The University’s Ergonomics and Usability Laboratory can record eye movements and measure physiological stress variables. Instrumentation is available to analyze working conditions (lighting, sound pressures, and climate) during ergonomic studies, there is technology and software for video analyses for usability studies, and computer-aided methods are applied to time studies and task analyses.



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    Buchstabe A

    The University encourages participation in the more important student design competitions, including the Mia Seeger Prize, Red Dot Award, IF Concept Award, and the Lucky Strike Junior Design Award.