Decla­ra­tion on Accessibility

Schwä­bisch Gmünd Univer­sity of Applied Sciences is committed to making its websites and mobile appli­ca­tions acces­sible without barriers in accordance with BITV 2.0 and the German Disa­bi­lity Equa­lity Act (BGG). This acces­si­bi­lity state­ment applies to the website of the Schwä­bisch Gmünd School of Design.

Status of compa­ti­bi­lity with the requirements

The website is parti­ally compa­tible with BITV 2.0 and BGG due to pending opti­miza­tions. The assess­ment of compa­ti­bi­lity is based on a self-assessment.

Non-acces­sible content

We ask for your under­stan­ding that not all pages have optimal acces­si­bi­lity yet. We will continue to review and, of course, opti­mize our Internet offe­ring for our users. However, we ask for a little pati­ence, as some of the programming has to be revised and we are curr­ently carrying out the test steps of the BITV test.

The contents listed below are already known to us and are not barrier-free for the follo­wing reasons:

Note – The test accor­ding to BITV test is curr­ently being carried out. The contents and reasons will be listed here after the test.

Crea­tion of this acces­si­bi­lity statement

This decla­ra­tion was created on 23.11.2020. The confor­mity test is curr­ently being carried out using the 60 test steps of the BITV test. The state­ment was last reviewed on 11/23/2020.

Feed­back and contact details

You can provide us with feed­back on acces­si­bi­lity and any other defi­ci­en­cies via email:

Report Barrier


Person respon­sible for

Rector Prof. Ralf Drin­gen­berg
Univer­sity of Design Schwä­bisch Gmünd


Enforce­ment Procedure

In the event that public bodies do not comply with their obli­ga­tions under BITV 2.0 and BGG even after feed­back has been received, BGG provides for a proce­dure through an inde­pen­dent conci­lia­tion body.

Please contact the BGG conci­lia­tion body if you have been disad­van­taged by an inade­quate barrier-free design of this digital offering:

Conci­lia­tion Board under the Equal Oppor­tu­ni­ties for Persons with Disa­bi­li­ties Act at the Federal Govern­ment Commis­sioner for Matters rela­ting to Persons with Disa­bi­li­ties
Mauer­strasse 53
10117 Berlin

Phone: 030 18 527 2805
Fax: 030 18 527‑2901