Your Bachelor Studies at the HfG

You can find answers to all ques­tions concer­ning your appli­ca­tion here:

1. Your Appli­ca­tion Documents

We accept new students twice a year in all degree programs. You must register and apply via our online appli­ca­tion portal by May 15th or November 15th (cut-off dead­line). Please have the follo­wing docu­ments ready in digital form for your application:

  • Certi­fi­cate of univer­sity entrance quali­fi­ca­tion (certi­fied copy or transcript)
  • Curri­culum vitae
  • Written proof of parti­ci­pa­tion in a study orien­ta­tion proce­dure (you will receive a proof of parti­ci­pa­tion at every study coun­seling service, which you can submit for appli­ca­tion or you can take a test online)
  • Evidence of profes­sional prac­tical acti­vi­ties, if available and to be taken into account
  • Pass­port photograph

For a second degree program, these docu­ments are also required:

  • Tran­script of Records, certi­fi­cate of exmatriculation/​course of study,
  • Certi­fied degree certi­fi­cate (if appli­cable, voca­tio­nally quali­fied univer­sity degree)

After your appli­ca­tion has been reviewed by the univer­sity, you will receive an email with all rele­vant infor­ma­tion regar­ding the Appti­tude Test.

Unlike other univer­si­ties, we invite all appli­cants who meet the entry requi­re­ments to take the online apti­tude test, because we want to get to know the person who wants to study with us. For the online apti­tude test we are using the Zoom software.

2. Online Appli­ca­tion Portal

You can use this link to register on the univer­si­ty’s own portal during the appli­ca­tion phase and then apply for a degree program of your choice. The appli­ca­tion phases are always from the begin­ning of April to mid-May and from the begin­ning of October to mid-November.

Note: Due to known problems, we do not recom­mend using the Safari“ browser for registration.

Online Application Portal

  • Having trouble applying through the portal?

    Your appli­ca­tion should be submitted to us through our new online portal. If you have any problems, contact support first. You can reach the support via the email address If the problem cannot be resolved or you are unable to complete your appli­ca­tion online for any other reason, we will accept appli­ca­tions by email in an emer­gency. In this case, send appli­ca­tion form and the rest of your docu­ments to the follo­wing address: 

    Hoch­schule für Gestal­tung Schwä­bisch Gmünd
    Rektor-Klaus-Strasse 100
    73525 Schwä­bisch Gmünd

3. Solve a Design Task

The home­work is available for down­load here around 6 – 8 weeks before the quali­fying exami­na­tion. This home­work already relates to your course of study.

Please have your solu­tion to the home­work assign­ment (digital: Power­Point, PDF or similar) for the online apti­tude test on the device (e.g. PC or tablet) with which you are parti­ci­pa­ting in the Zoom meeting. You can then use the Share screen“ func­tion to show the home­work and your work.

4. Your work samples/​Portfolio for design studies

Classic port­fo­lios are no longer a requi­re­ment for any degree program. 

For admis­sion to the Product Design and Commu­ni­ca­tion Design courses, in addi­tion to comple­ting the home­work assign­ment, it is also compul­sory to prepare 12 to 15 self-made work samples, e.g. two-dimen­sional works, films, models and anima­tions, with a legible name and date of crea­tion, and, if appli­cable, to store them digi­tally. Please have these work samples prepared as digital files (Power­Point, pdf or similar) for the online apti­tude test on the respec­tive device, just like the homework.

In the courses of study Inter­ac­tion Design and Digital Product Design and Deve­lo­p­ment, work samples are optional.

5. Apti­tude test

Appro­xi­m­ately one week before the apti­tude test, you will receive an email invi­ting you to the apti­tude test. In this email you will be informed of the date, time and your appli­cant number. You can then use your appli­cant number to log in via the univer­sity plat­form Here you will not only find all the important infor­ma­tion about the entrance exam, but also your indi­vi­dual link to the exam. 

More detailed infor­ma­tion on the apti­tude test will follow in the coming weeks.

5. Moti­va­tional interview

During the inter­view as part of the online apti­tude test, you will present your home­work and any exis­ting work to profes­sors and students at the HfG. Of course, we are also inte­rested in why you would like to study at the HfG.


We will contact you with your result as quickly as possible. The semester will pros­pec­tively begin during the first week of October or middle of March.