Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Incoming students must be selected by their home institution and the HfG must be officially notified by the International Office of the students which they have selected to send to the HfG. The admission decision will be made by the faculties within four weeks.

Nonetheless the student is required to fill the following forms and send it to our International Office per email (only!):
- application form
- Learning agreement (only for Erasmus students)
- cv and covering letter
- portfolio (all formats accepted)
- passport picture
- copy of passport/ID

The deadlines to register for an exchange semester is 1st November for the following summer semester and 1st May for the following winter semester.

When does the semester start? When is study orientation? When are exams over?

Summer Semester 2018: Classes start on Monday 12th March 2018 and end on 13th July 2018. An obligatory introduction week from 5th March to 9th March 2018 will be arranged.
Winter Semester 2018/2019: Classes start on Monday 1st October 2018 and end on 8th February 2019. An obligatory introduction week from 24th September to 28th September 2018 will be arranged.

Do I need a visa? What other documents do I need?

For European citizens a valid ID card is sufficient. No visa required.

Non-EU citizens require a valid passport and a visa to enter Germany. Students coming from
China, Costa Rica, Brazil and India have to get their visa before entering Germany. Students
coming from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan and South Korea can do
it 2 weeks after their arrival. The following documents will be asked:
- 2 copies of your passport
- 2 copies of your visa if you have one
- your health insurance document + one copy
- if you receive a scholarship, please bring the document proving the scholarship. This is needed for the foreign office as you have to prove that you have enough money (735 euros/month) to live in Germany.
- a letter from the HfG to confirm you will be a student at the HfG this semester.

All students are required to have a health insurance. For European Citizens, the European health insurance card is sufficient. Non-European citizens need a German health insurance, like the AOK, DAK or TK. It costs about 90 € per month.

Do you offer German as a Foreign Language course?

Yes, we do. During the introduction week, you can attend 2 hours of German classes a day.
During the semester, we offer German courses one hour a week, free of charge. German courses can bring you 2 ECTS at the end of the semester.

The courses we offered are meant for beginners. If you're advanced in German, we have partnerships with the Pädagogische Hochschule Gmünd , the Volkshochschule or the International Coordinator Nadine Markert

How many credits should I take?

A full-time semester is 30 ECTS. You should then take enough courses to make up the number of credits required by your home university.

We recommend our students to take 2 project courses (8ECTS each).

What courses can I choose? Can I take classes outside my subject area?

As an exchange student, you have the possibility to enroll in one of those programs:
- BA Product design
- BA Communication design
- BA Interaction design

You can find more infos about each program under the following documents. Nonetheless the list is not exhaustive and it's possible that some changes might occur.

At the HfG, you have the possibility to mix classes. For example, if your major is in product design, you can also take classes from communication and interaction design as a minor, only on the condition that your university agrees. Our professors will advise the exchange students about the most appropriate classes during the introduction week.

Can I get a HfG degree?

No. As an exchange student, you have not been accepted to a degree programme.

Can I extend my stay in Schwäbisch Gmünd?

If the international coordinator of your home university agrees and informs the host university with a confirmation letter and if there are enough places, then you can extend your stay at the HfG.

Do I have to take exams?

You have to take part in all courses. You're a full-time student, which means making projects with your group, presentations... If for some reasons, you're not able to take part in the exams, please inform your adviser as soon as possible.

Who could sign my certificate of arrival/departure?

Please contact the international coordinator.

When do I get a transcript of records?

At the end of the semester, a transcript of record will be automatically sent to your home university.

Where do I get help for opening a bank account or a phone line?

Before your arrival at the HfG, a buddy will contact you to help you out with different things (bank account, phone, accommodation...).

Will I get accommodation at the HfG?

We do not have student’s dormitory. But your buddy will help you find a flat. The rent is around 300euros/month.
Our facebook page rental: WG / Zimmer / Flat / Apartment HfG is the right page to find a place to stay. Please do not hesitate too long when you have flat offers as it is very difficult for international students to find a room.
The website is also really helpful.

What other costs should I consider?

Accommodation is around 250/350euros. Most of our students ride their bikes to go the HfG. Food is also really cheap in Germany (Aldi, Lidl, Norma...).
For some courses, you will be asked to buy some material. During the laboratory week, some workshops cost 10/15euros.

If you want to travel inside Baden-Württemberg, train tickets can be cheap, especially if you travel in group.

If you want to go outside Europe, some companies offer good prices:
from Baden-Baden airport, you can travel with ryanair. The German company germanwings could also be interesting.


means "Mentoring OSTwürttemberg – Kooperative Integration Nicht-Deutscher" and gives international students a first virtual contact point in their new study and living environment. MOST KIND offers additional language courses, an excursion programme and information about the region. Read more.

Baden-Württemberg scholarship

If you want to apply for an exchange semester and come from a country outside of Europe and you can account for excellent academic results you may apply for a "Baden-Württemberg-Stipendium", a scholarship from the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Read more.

Who should I contact if I need infos, have questions or problems?

Nadine Markert
Rektor-Klaus-Straße 100
73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd
Phone: +49 7171 602 633
Fax: +49 7171 692 59
Email: E-Mail-Adresse

Buchstabe A

Alle Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge der Hochschule sind akkreditiert. Damit ist die hohe Qualität von Studium und Lehre gesichert.