Infor­ma­tion for Alumni

Welcome to the Alumni Meeting Point of the Hoch­schule für Gestal­tung Schwä­bisch Gmünd! A univer­sity thrives on the active parti­ci­pa­tion of its students – even after they have completed their studies. Stay in touch with your univer­sity, with profes­sors and former fellow students. Many HfG alumni support students and young graduates in their search for internships and career planning.

Circle of Friends

The Freun­des­kreis der Hoch­schule für Gestal­tung Schwä­bisch Gmünd e.V. is an asso­cia­tion of indi­vi­duals, compa­nies, graduates and employees of the univer­sity. Toge­ther, they want to build bridges, create networks and promote dialogue through this network.


Alumni network

To stay up to date, you can send an e‑mail with details of your degree and gradua­tion semester and register for the alumni mailing list. 

 Carla Lika

Carla Lika

Referentin für Presse, Kommunikation und Marketing