ADC Talent Award Silver and Bronze 2023 to HfG projects

ADC Nagel Rep Air

More awards for projects of our HfG-students at the ADC (Art Direc­tors Club) Talent Award 2023. Johannes Roth­kegel, Leon Burg, and Jannes Daur, students of Univer­sity of Applied Sciences Schwä­bisch Gmünd (HfG), received the ADC Talent Award 2023 – Silver Nail“ for their Inven­tion Design project DETACT – A tactile card system for people with blind­ness“. The project RepAiR – AR Repair Aid System“ by HfG students Nicole Krein, Jun Wang, and André Jacoby received the ADC Talent Award 2023 – Bronze Nail“.

The basis for DETACT, deve­loped in the third semester of the inter­ac­tion design course, is inForm, a project of the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is a large display that can show color infor­ma­tion as well as height infor­ma­tion. Each pixel consists of a height-adjus­table pin. The sum of the indi­vi­dual pins creates a defor­mable display. For our project, we assumed that the reso­lu­tion of this display tech­no­logy will increase drama­ti­cally over the next few decades and can be incor­po­rated into a portable device such as a tablet computer,“ the HfG award winners said. 

The ADC Talent Award jury’s verdict: Specu­la­tive design at its best: making land­scapes tactile and high-reso­lu­tion for blind and visually impaired people to expe­ri­ence is worth a nail. A plau­sible concept: magni­fi­cently desi­gned and presented in high quality.“

Award ADC Talent Award Bronze for RepAiR

RepAiR – an AR-based repair assis­tance system – created in the 3rd semester of the Inter­ac­tion Design course, enables any damaged elec­tronic device to be made fully func­tional again with the help of an inno­va­tive commu­nity system based on augmented reality. The basic idea of RepAiR is based on the idea that a commu­nity system helps to bring toge­ther hobby repai­rers and users with defec­tive products. Each user speci­fies his or her repair skills to assess suita­bi­lity as a repair helper. RepAir thus gives users the oppor­tu­nity to repair broken devices in coope­ra­tion with dedi­cated like-minded people.

The ADC Talent Award 

With the Talent Award, ADC honors young crea­tives for outstan­ding commu­ni­ca­tion and design achie­ve­ments. In addi­tion to the entries in the ADC compe­ti­tion, the ADC jury also honors the most ground­brea­king commu­ni­ca­tion achie­ve­ments of the young crea­tives with bronze, silver and gold nails in the cate­go­ries semester, final, and prac­tical work.