Solu­tion concepts for the design of sunglasses, instore displays and shop window designs

The aim of the coope­ra­tion project was to rethink the topic of glasses and their presen­ta­tion in space and to develop modern and inno­va­tive eyewear concepts. The focus here was on feasi­bi­lity and cost-oriented design, as well as mate­rial and produc­tion-oriented design.

Project manage­ment
Prof. Gerhard Reichert
Sigrid Acker­mann
Project colla­bo­ra­tors
Ferdi­nand Menrad GmbH&Co.KG
Oktober 2011 – Februar 2012


Prof. Gerhard Reichert

Prof. Gerhard Reichert

goHfG Projektleiter

Dr. Brigitte Hirner

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