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International Seminar Week 2019

Better Communities I

This year's main topic was closely connected to Unesco’s Sustainable Development Goal 11: Cities and Communities. The emphasis was on urban opportunities and equally on bridging the increasing urban-rural divides.

The workshops covered a wide range of subjects like the visualization of urban and rural facts and activities, cross-generational living and age-friendly design approaches, mobility and energy, health and wellbeing, new learning experiences and forms of collaboration, public spaces, public services and the sharing economy. Thanks to our renowned international teaching staff we were able to offer a wide variety of design approaches in this year's workshops. We were proud to host the record number of 29 design experts from partner institutions in Finland, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, the UK and the US.

The International Seminar Week is only possible with the kind and generous support of the "Freundeskreis der HfG".

Workshop Outcomes International Seminar Week 2019

Keynote: Ursula Tischner

Transitions for Sustainability

Workshop 1: Paul Jackson

The Joy of A4

Workshop 2: Peter Chan

PhotoGraphic Design

Workshop 3: Marieke Sonneveld

Design for End-of-Life

Workshop 4: Samuel Roux, Maurice Huvelin

Let's Make the Earth Round Again

file currently not available

Workshop 5: Lee Paxman-Clarke

MiniFigure Design

file currently not available

Workshop 6: Dr. Michael Leube

Common But Not Tragic


Workshop 7: Eran Franco

User-empowering Design

Workshop 8: Galina Abeli, Noam Kollmann

Design for End-of-Life Experience

Workshop 9: Emilio Lonardo


Workshop 10: Tore Gulden

Game Dynamics in Society

Workshop 11: Balázs Püspök, Natalia Fabics

Lighting and Design: Livable Modernity

Workshop 12: Dr. Agustin Martìn Frances

Sustainable Packaging for a World in Danger

Workshop 13: Kaisa and Christoffer Leka

The Urban Environment as a Playground for the Designer

file not available

Workshop 14: Jakob Karpoluk, Jan Piechota, Maciej Polczyinski, Wojchiech Pludowski

Cross-cultural Contemporary Communities

Workshop 15: Alissa Beer, Dominikus Frank

Designing Time Perception

Workshop 16: Dr. Josef Gründler, Daniel Fabry

The Interface of Things

file currently not available

Workshop 17: Magnus Feil

Playful Prototyping

file currently not available

Workshop 18: Oliver Niewiadomski

My Urban Space

Workshop 19: Ori Succari

Designing Community Money

Workshop 20: Safi Hefetz

Guerilla Action in Urban Space

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