Prof. Benedikt Groß

Appointed in 2017 for the subject of interaction design. After completing his diploma in information and media design at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, Benedikt Groß completed the master's programme Design Interaction at the Royal College of Art London and did research at the MIT Senseable City Lab. Co-author of the book "Generative Design", which is considered one of the standard works in the field of generative design and has been translated into English, French and Japanese.

His work has been published in WIRED, CAN, Page, Form, Spiegel Online and The Guardian, among others, and exhibited at the Japanese Media Arts Festival, Ars electronica, V2_@ the New Insitute and the Open Date Institute. Benedikt has been awarded several internationally renowned prizes for his projects, such as the IXDA Best Concept Award, the IXDA Best Student Award and received the "Excellence Award" at the Japanese Media Arts Festival.

Thematically, the interaction designer is at home in generative design, data visualisation and speculative design and is committed to an anti-disciplinary approach. Since 2019, he has been head of the Master's programme in Strategic Design.