Appli­ca­tion for degree seeking study

If you want to apply to the Hoch­schule für Gestal­tung as an inter­na­tional full-time student, there are a couple of things you need to take notice of.

Appli­ca­tion requirements

Please bear in mind that the Studi­en­kolleg requires the follo­wing docu­ments: (1) a certi­fied copy of your Higher Educa­tion Entry Quali­fi­ca­tion, (2) a list of all subject grades, (3) a certi­fi­cate of German language profi­ci­ency and (4) a CV docu­men­ting your educa­tion history. All photo­co­pies must be authen­ti­cated by German autho­ri­ties. Please note that the reco­gni­tion of your quali­fi­ca­tions will take at least two weeks. Requests for reco­gni­tion of Higher Educa­tion Entry Quali­fi­ca­tion will have to reach the Studi­en­kolleg Konstanz“ by 1 May for courses starting in the winter semester or by 1 November for the courses starting in the summer semester.

If the Studi­en­kolleg decides that your current quali­fi­ca­tion does not prepare you suffi­ci­ently for studying your chosen degree program, you will be invited to attend a one-year-long prepa­ra­tory course at the Studi­en­kolleg. The results from your final exami­na­tions at the end of this course will deter­mine whether you can be admitted to study at a Univer­sity of Applied Science in the state of Baden-Würt­tem­berg. For more please refer to Bewer­bung.

German language skills

Most programs at the HfG are taught in German. In order to succeed acade­mi­cally and parti­ci­pate fully in your chosen degree program, you will need adequate German language skills. As part of the admis­sion process, we accept the follo­wing language quali­fi­ca­tions and certi­fi­cates:
· TestDaF 4: Minimum of 16 points, with at least 4 points in every sub-cate­gory
· Deut­sche Sprach­prü­fung für den Hoch­schul­zu­gang (DSH), at least level 2
· Das Deut­sche Sprach­di­plom der Kultus­mi­nis­ter­kon­fe­renz, level 2 (DSD II)