CD Module 2110

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Foundations of design I


Communication Design

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Duration of module

1 semester

Offered in

winter and summer semesters


120 hours

Self-directed workload

180 hours

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Module leader

Prof. Michael Götte

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Learning outcomes

After completing this module successfully you will command a basic design repertoire for the systematic organization of sign relationships in the plane and in movement. Through practical application you will have become sensitized to the formal and qualitative treatment of visual signs in two dimensional and temporal fields. You will be able to demonstrate the fundamentalmethodological processes and problem-solving strategies in design processes and will have tested these practically in repeated exercises. You will possess methods of analysis to evaluate existing designs and will understand how to use these profitably in your own designing. Through the controlled comparison of theory and practice you will have gained a fundamental understanding of design theory. Throughthe teaching of relevant media tools and script languages you will be able to use these independently for the production and simulation in the course of your projects.

Module content

– Systematic series of complementary exercises to achieve increasingly complex morphological and combinatorial static and dynamic sign operations.
– Methods of analysis for the evaluation of existing product designs with respect to their different design approaches, their organization and interaction potential, and the structure of their content and formal and aesthetic execution.
– Reflection using a principle-oriented design concept and its practical execution.
– Regular lectures about general theories and phenomena of visual content.
– Fundamental knowledge of programming languages integrated into project work.

Teaching units in this module

Programmed Design 1 (4 contact hours)
Programming languages 1 (2 contact hours)
Introduction to Technical Systems (2 contact hours)

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Buchstabe I
Interdisciplinary working

Successful designers must master not only the foundations of their own field but must maintain close contact with people and ideas from other disciplines. Today new ideas and innovations are created at the common boundaries of different sciences and […]