CD Module 2340

Module code


Module title

Theory of Design III


Communication Design

Module type


Module form


Duration of module

1 semester

Offered in

winter and summer semesters


90 hours

Self-directed workload

150 hours

ECTS credit points


Module leader

Prof. Georg Kneer

Email address

e-mail address

Learning outcomes

After completing this module successfully you will be able to describethe major communication and media concepts professionally and give their findings appropriate consideration in your design work. You will be familiar with the approaches and fundamental terms of research into perception. You will be familiar with the fundamental concepts of exhibition theory and able to use their knowledge in exemplary projects.

Module content

Fundamental approaches and theories of communication and media sciences. Components, factors, processes, and contexts of communication. Classification and differentiation of individual and mass media, and of information, broadcasting, and success media. Physiology of the visual system. Olfactory and tactile perception. Colour perception and lighting effects. Theory and didactics of the planning, execution, and evaluation of exhibitions.

Teaching units in this module

Theory of Communication (2 contact hours)
Theory of Perception (2 contact hours)
Exhibition Theory (2 contact hours)
Seminar/Workshop Week (0 contact hours)

Module tutors

Prof. Dr. Georg Kneer (Theory of Communication)
Andrea Christensen/Julia Suchan (Theory of Perception)
Prof. Dr. Dagmar Rinker (Exhibition Theory)
German and international tutors (Seminar/Workshop Week)


Successful completion of CD Module XXXX, Theory of Design II

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, seminar, exercises, workshop


Self-directed work, seminar paper, journal, presentation

Teaching language

German, English

Prerequisite for

Module 2440, Theory of Design IV

Recommended literature

Beck, Klaus: Kommunikationswissenschaft. Stuttgart: UTB, 2007.
Kloock, Daniela/Spahr, Angela: Medientheorien. Eine Einführung. München: Fink 2000.
Weber, Stefan (Hg.): Theorien der Medien. Von der Kulturkritik bis zum Konstruktivismus.Konstanz: UVK, 2003.
Goldstein, E. Bruce: Wahrnehmungspsychologie. 2. Aufl., Heidelberg: SpektrumAkademischer Verlag, 2002.
Schönhammer, Rainer: Einführung in die Wahrnehmungspsychologie. Stuttgart:UTB, 2009.
Locker, Pam: Ausstellungsdesign. Konzept - Planung - Umsetzung. München:Stiebner, 2011.
Groys, Boris: Über das Neue. Unveränderte Neuausgabe. München: Carl Hanser, 2007.

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First semester party

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