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The Rector, the two Vice-rectors, and the Finance Director lead the University. The Rector represents the University in all its affairs and is the Chairperson of the Senate and its committees.

Prof.Ralf Dringenberg
Prof. Marc Guntow

Prof. Dagmar Rinker

Prof. Ulrich Schendzielorz

Matthias Schall
Finance Director

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University Board
The Board is responsible for the development of the University. It suggests measures to raise the profile of the University and to improve levels of performance and competitiveness. The Board monitors the activities of the Directorate.

External members
· Dr. Ursula Bilger, Regional Economic Development Corporation Ostwuerttemberg
· Prof. Dr. Paula Lutum-Lenger, House of History Baden-Wuerttemberg
· Klaus Moser, Chamber of Industry and Commerce Ostwürttemberg
· Bernd Richter, Richter Lighting Technologies
· Dr. Henning Wagner, Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH

Internal members
· Prof. Marc Guntow, Communication Design
· Prof. Matthias Held, Product Design
· Vera Roth, Quality Assurance
· Prof. Dr. Susanne Schade, Product Design

The Senate makes decisions about all basic matters of teaching, studies, and research not legally assigned to another University organ or committee. Such matters include the Study and Examination Regulations, assessment of the choices made by search committees, and the staffing of examination committees.

Ex-officio members
· Cristina Salerno, Rector
· Prof. Matthias Held, Vice-Rector
· Prof. Ulrich Schendzielorz, Vice-Rector
· Beate Heilig, Finance Director
· Prof. Dr. Angelika Karger, Equal Opportunity Counsellor

Elected members: professors
· Prof. Günther Biste, Communication Design
· Prof. Hartmut Bohnacker, Interaction Design
· Prof. Michael Götte, Communication Design
· Prof. Dr. Jürgen Held, Product Design
· Prof. Hans Krämer, Communication Design
· Prof. Dr. Dagmar Rinker, Scientific Foundations

Elected members: staff
· Günter Alka, Head of Computer Centre
· Petra Fütterling, Office of Student Affairs
· Torsten Dodillet, Photo studio

Gewählte Mitglieder: Studierende
· Josh Cornau, Internet of Things
· Johanna Manz, Communication Design
· Johannes Ruf, Product Design
· Lennart Schiffers, Interaction Design

Board of Study
The Board of Study’s tasks include the formulation of recommendations for the further development of teaching and studies, and cooperation in the evaluation of teaching.

Board of Study, Bachelor
members, lecturers
· Prof. Marc Guntow, Vice-rector
· Prof. Hartmut Bohnacker, interaction design
· Prof. Jens Döring, Internet of Things
· Prof. Michael Götte, communication design
· Prof. Daniel Utz, communication design
· Prof. Sigmar Willnauer, product design

members, students
· Andreas Kießling, product design
· Lea Rosental, Internet der Dinge
· Miriam Schlaich, communication design
· Julien Stoll, interaction design

Board of Study, Master

members, lecturers
· Prof. Marc Guntow, Prorektor Lehre | Vorsitzender
· Prof. Günther Biste, communication design
· Prof. Dr. habil. Georg Kneer, communication design
· Prof. David Oswald, interaction design
· Prof. Dr. Dagmar Rinker, communication design
· Prof. Dr. Susanne Schade, product design

members, students
· Simon Baumgärtner
· Nadia Fendrich
· Ester Harter
· Tobias Walddörfer

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