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There is an extensive range of technical facilities to support students during their studies: archives, library, ergonomics laboratory, photo studio, help desk, media laboratory, media and video laboratory, model making workshops, computer centre, print shop and payment office.

The archives contain documentations of all final projects and important semester projects completed during the last ten years. Students may study these on paper, slides, DVDs, or as videos on the spot or online via the Intranet. The archives support researches and coordinate the University’s publications.

Gaby Mahal
e-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 606

The more than 22.000 media items on all aspects of design offer students comprehensive information and excellent working opportunities. The library’s core stock is complemented by literature on areas important to design including philosophy, sociology, history, psychology, technology, and the natural sciences. In addition to books the library carries periodicals, videos, CD-ROMs, and DVDs. An online catalogue describes the library’s complete stock, and users can do research in periodicals, and professional data banks, and if necessary search in pan-regional library catalogues.

Students and members of the University are the main users of the library but it is of course available for use by visitors.


Hanna Heer, Head of Library
e-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 637

Birgit Rometsch
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Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 637

Stephanie Koziara
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Phone 07171 | 602 637

Ergonomics laboratory
In the ergonomics laboratory students can study organizational and technical workflows under all possible relevant conditions. The laboratory equipment includes a mobile eye tracking system to analyse patterns of visual attention.

Prof. Dr. habil. Jürgen Held
e-mail address" >jüe-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 600

Photo Studio
The University’s photo studio is equipped with flash lighting and daylight lamps. Here you can choose between several digital and analogue cameras, and there is a pool of digital SLR cameras with appropriate lenses.

Torsten Dodillet
e-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 628

The help desk supports students, tutors, assistants, and staff members in obtaining, installing, and updating software and assists in solving any problems at the University’s computer workplaces.

Katja Muschiol
e-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 614

Media Laboratory
The Media Laboratory gives students experience in a variety of augmented virtual reality technologies and enables them to try out new application areas. The technical equipment is maintained to the latest standard and staff members are available to advise during regular opening hours.

Andreas Brendle
e-mail address 
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 660

Model making Workshops
The model making workshops are equipped for working in wood, stone, glass, metal, and plastics. There are facilities for mould making, clay modelling and casting, paint and spray booths, and a CNC laboratory. A team of technical staff members explains how to use the equipment, advises on techniques, and helps you to realize your design ideas.

Jens Krause, Fine Model Shop and CNC Laboratory
e-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 |602 615

Gerd Schmidt, Fine Model Shop and CNC Laboratory
e-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 |602 613

Volkmar Meyer-Schönbohm, Clay Modelling and Casting
e-mail address" >volkmar.meyer-schöe-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 638

Siegfried Hägele, Central Workshop
e-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 644

Wolfgang Pompe, Central Workshop
e-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 644

Computer Centre
The computer centre operates the University’s networks (campus network, wireless network, library and administration network), provides central data processing and training pools, and installs and maintains the technology of the central electronic services.

More than 100 computer workplaces and 20 internal servers are available to students. All computer pools are equipped with the latest hardware and software and enable the most comprehensive CAD, animation, image making, layout, multimedia, and Internet projects to be carried out successfully. The computer centre staff members offer introductory courses.

Günther Alka, Leiter
e-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 624

Klaus Schäfer
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Ulrike Matt
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Josef Rieg
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Service: Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 649
Administration: Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 624
Assistance: Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 623

Print Shop
The repro lab is professionally equipped to create and process digital image data. High quality DIN A3 flat bed and transmitted light scanners and professional software guarantee optimum conditions for producing your work. Several large printers enable you to print up to DIN A00 in unlimited lengths. The printers run with all currently available design software packages. The head of the workshop gives technical introductions during the foundation courses.

Frank Müller
e-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 669

Payment Office
In der Zahlstelle werden alle Vorgänge der Buchung und des Zahlungsverkehrs druchgeführt. Sie ist die zentrale Buchhaltung aller Studienprogramme und Einrichtungen der Hochschule.

Ilona Walther
e-mail address
Phone +49 (0)7171 | 602 607

Buchstabe E

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System allows study performance at different universities to be compared. See credits.