PD Module 3410

Module code


Module title

Product Design IV


Product Design

Module type


Module form


Duration of module

1 semester

Offered in

winter and summer semesters

Studio workload

75 hours

Self-directed workload

135 hours

ECTS credit points


Module leader

Prof. Dr. Susanne Schade

Email address

e-mail address

Learning outcomes

After completing this module successfully you will be able to test, apply, and expand the previously gained skills in more complex design projects. By selecting your own specialization you will have developed and refined your own design process, and will have further developed your ability to answer questions of product design with innovative solutions.

Module content

Skills in product design methods and processes will be extended and deepened in practice-oriented projects. In set or chosen product categories research, analysis, problem- and goal-definition will be carried out, to generate, evaluate, develop, a range of innovative suggestions whose usability will then be tested.

Module teaching units

Product Design 4 (5 contact hours)

Module tutors

Prof. Dr. Susanne Schade

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, exercises, project work


Project visualisation, documentation, and presentation

Teaching language


Prerequisite for

Process Design II
Planning and Communication
Practical Semester
Product Design III

Recommended literature

Bürdek E.; Design, Geschichte, Theorie und Praxis der Produktgestaltung. Birkhäuser Verlag, Köln 2005.
Selle G.; Design- Geschichte in Deutschland. 2nd edition. Campus Verlag, Köln 2007.
Ambrose, G.; Harris, Paul; Design Thinking: Fragestellung, Recherche, Ideenfindung, Prototyping, Auswahl, Ausführung, Feedback. Stiebner Verlag 2010.
Terstiege G.; The Making of Design. Vom Modell zum fertigen Produkt. Birkhäuser Verlag 2009.

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