SD Module 4310

Module code


Module title

Master Thesis


Strategic Design

Module type


Module form


Duration of module

1 semester

Offered in

winter and summer semesters

Self-directed workload

900 hours

ECTS credit points


Module leader

Prof. Hans Krämer
Prof. Dr. Susanne Schade

Email address

e-mail address
e-mail address

Learning outcomes

After completing this module successfully you will be capable of cooperating independently with external partners and will be able to deal confidently with tactical and strategic planning issues and with conceptual design methods. You will have developed high standards of performance and responsibility and will be able to critique your own work constructively. You will have developed specialist knowledge and communicative skills and in the discussion you will be able to demonstrate that you can reflect on and defend all aspects of your project work. Your documentation will show that you are able to write well-structured scientific texts and project documentation and can make valid contributions to discussions on your chosen subject area.

Module content

Specialist knowledge, scientific methods, goal-oriented data evaluation, networking, project management, use of media appropriate to target groups, project execution or simulation, styles of presentation.

Module teaching units

Master Project (0 contact hours)
Presentation and Discussion (0 contact hours)

Module tutors

– Prof. Hartmut Bohnacker
– Prof. Hans Krämer
– Prof. Gerhard Reichert
– Prof. Dr. Susanne Schade
– Prof. Ulrich Schendzielorz
– Prof. Sigmar Willnauer


Modules 4120, Perspectives and Discussions; Module 4130, Design Planning; 270 ECTS credits from the Bachelor and Master programmes

Teaching and learning methods

Self-directed scientifically based design project work


Master thesis, presentation, discussion

Teaching language


Prerequisite for

Entry to a career in research, entry to doctoral studies, higher civil service, and leading positions in the design profession.

Recommended literature

This will depend on your choice of specialization and project.