Solar compound

About 90% of the energy used in private household is consumed by heating and hot water systems. Solar panels with thermal collectors can reduce this consumption significantly. Collectors currently on the market are relatively complicated, manufactured using several different materials and components, and are mounted by hand on or in the roof structure.

Producing the collectors in plastic has several potential advantages:
• Efficient production and thus lower costs
• Improved recyclability
• Better use of resources (eg. no copper used)
• Replacement of the entire roof surface
• Reduced weight
• Easier installation

This project studied the feasibility of a thermal collector made 100% in plastic. The HfG also developed a material concept, a design concept, and production strategies.

Project leader
Project staff


Prof. Matthias Held
Max Wesle
Sunlumo Technology GmbH, Perg, AT; ASIC – Austrian Solar Innovation Center, Wels, AT; Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, AT
Sep 2009 – Jul 2010