Strategic Design MA

Qualification Goals

Effective design must be strategic—both problem and goal oriented and conceptual. In order to identify and analyze a problem, design knowledge as well as scientific and economic knowledge is also necessary. Those who intend to occupy managerial positions in the design field or who wish to pursue freelance occupations must master both strategy and practicality. Design can be interpreted here as shaping social progress which along with financial success and can also improve the human condition. Thus, in Strategic Design, the emphasis is future to incorporate social development and its challenges. In order to accomplish this, both cultural and sociological knowledge is necessary and the program here at the HFG imparts such expertise.

The Program

The Masters Program expands on the skills acquired in the Bachelors programs: Interaction Design, Communication Design and Product Design. In addition to the content from these 3 programs of the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Schwäbisch Gmünd, design relevant fields and methods will be further expanded. The 3-semester course of study is both applied and interdisciplinary and based on the 3 fundamentals: Design, Management and Research.

The Prerequisites

Required is the successful completion of a Bachelors degree (or equivalent e.g. “Diplom”) in Graphic, Product or Interaction Design or another design-relevant discipline.

Employment Prospects

After completion, graduates will work as freelance entrepreneurs or in managerial positions in the design field. Depending on their areas of specializations, they will be in design agencies, publishing houses, cultural facilities and organizations as well as in industry. Graduates will also find positions in industrial research and development, communication and consulting and may also occupy positions in design research and academia. Successful degree completion with a good or very good grade point average qualifies for acceptance into a doctoral studies program.

The Projects

Some selected semester and final projects can be found here.

Additional information

Additional information on the course itself, its goals, content and thematic focal points can be found here.