Samuel, from England

A big thank you to the HFG and its students for giving me an unforgettable experience! I have learnt so many things and made some great friends during my time in in Schwäbisch Gmünd. For me it was one of the best times of my life and would recommend the HFG to anyone applying to take part in the Erasmus scheme. Thank you again for making my stay so welcome and I will miss you all dearly!

Kristen, from the USA

Gmünd is a wonderful place. Its hard to pick just one image to show my time here. I have made so many connections with Germans and International students alike. I've reconnected with alumni from The Ohio State University who now call Europe home. I've seen small towns, big cities, and everything in between. But Schwäbisch-Gmünd has been the place I've quickly called home base. Here at HfG I've been exposed to the different ways of learning and teaching design, as well as the similarities of designers everywhere. Some things just soar above culture and language barriers. One thing that continues to wow me everyday, is that wonderful sunshine dipping below the hills every evening, and popping up again a few hours later. It paints one of the most beautiful paintings im mein Zimmer. This image is just one of many.

I can't believe its been a whole semester already. Time snuck up on me. I wish you the best HfG! I'll be back someday, I'm sure of that.

Michael, from England

I feel that coming here has shown me loads of new areas of design and different ways about doing it all and that ive learnt a lot from being here and while ive found some things to better than others i feel that everything ive done has helped me out. Of course the University is good but Germany itself is great, ive wanted to be here for a very long time and finally i got here, i got to meet some really awesome people, drink excellent beers and even got myself some Lederhosen at last!

Coming here with the Erasmus was definitely one of the best things ive done.

Shanshan, from China

The more I stay here, the more I like here. Buddy, classmates, professors, courses, projects, laboratory week, different kinds workshops fulling with every kinds of machines, make me believe nothing is impossible in this world, and I would love to be a product designer to work on some fantastic things. Schwäbisch Gmünd is a small, traditional, but definitely not boring city, because there will be all kinds of parties here to surprise you and it's a very convenient place to travel to many other countries for a lover of travel like me.

Luke, from the USA

My time spent in Schwäbisch Gmünd has been life changing. I have had so many new experiences, and made many great friends. Experiencing a design education in Germany has helped me understand my program back home, as well as better understand myself as a person. The exchange semester was nothing like I expected, but it is something that I can't imagine never doing. I will recommend this experience to anyone who has the opportunity. I believe it is something that will make you a better designer as well as a better person. I thank everyone who helped make this happen. I will miss you HfG!

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Gmünd Model

The Gmünd Model describes the combination of design foundations, science-based learning and working, methodological competence, professional knowledge, and themed project work. It gives our students and graduates a high degree of professional succes[…]