WE.SEARCH – Community based research platform

The aim of this project is to develop an online platform to improve the infrastructure of design research. Design research is a young science that has gained significant momentum over the last years, but whose infrastructure still needs improvements. Until now there is neither an information centre for design nor any other platform with a comprehensive collection of professional information on design to support the specific researches needed by the discipline. Because design research differs from other disciplines both in the research methods used and in the kind of results obtained – texts, simulations, and objects are created – these characteristics must be considered. In the long term the research infrastructure created could be expanded into a central information centre.

Project leader

Project staff


Ron Jagodzinski 
Götz Wintergerst
Julia Hengartner
Ursula Grau
HTWG Konstanz, Hochschule Konstanz Technik, Wirtschaft und Gestaltung
Jan 2012 – July 2015
MWFK Baden-Württemberg, Innovations- und Qualitätsfonds

Buchstabe A
Aptitude tests

To study design successfully at the University students must possess not only an analytical and methodical mind, self-discipline, openness for new ideas, and be eager to understand complex situations but must also be skilled at imagining and visualiz[…]