Internet of Things BA

Aims of the course
Interaction design is primarily concerned with the development of operational sequences. As an interaction designer you will be optimizing existing service offerings, devices, and products such as the menus, legibility, and visualization of screen interfaces. You will develop new software and interactive exhibits for museums and trade fairs, websites, navigation devices, digital working or living environments, or computer games. Interaction design is linked to communication and product design yet also to related disciplines such as psychology and mechatronics.

To tackle these areas professionally the course offers newly developed lectures, seminars, and projects. Over seven semesters design, typography, visualization and animation methods, history of design and media, programming languages, theories of communication and design, and usability are taught and practised. During the major studies you will integrate the component areas into complex projects.

Course content
There are four areas of study focus:

Buchstabe I
International relations

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