Prof. Gabriele N. Reichert

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Appointed in 1992 for the interdisciplinary foundation course. 1993 – 1999 Vice-Rector of the HfG, 1992 – 2006 and currently a member of the Senate, 2006 – 2015 on the University Council. Teaching in the fundamentals, in the Product Design Program and in the Master's Program in Strategic Design.

Studied Visual Design at the HfG and Visual Communication at the HdK Berlin. During her studies she founded “konzeption + gestaltung” berlin (CD, CI) and k+g systeme gmbh (mixed media, UI) in 1989. Founding member of VDGD, editor of “standpunkte” 1999 – 2005. International awards such as Certificate of Typographic Excellence 2008, TDC New York. Consultant, reviewer, jury member. Co-curator of the exhibition Transhuman – From Prosthetics to Cyborg, a co-operation of the HfG and the Museum Ulm 2020. Publications, research areas: Theory of visual signs, programmatics of design, hierarchy of interfaces, UX, design strategies, cyborg/transhuman design, construction of identity in virtual space. Development of various specializations such as the future of work and transhuman design in the Master's program.


Proportion, foreword by H.W. Kapitzki, Verlag der Hochschule der Künste Berlin, 1987

Operating and using – interface design and feedback functions, Standpunkte 5, 1996

Gestaltung im Projekt der Moderne/Design in the project of modernity, av-edition, 1997/99

Vision Energy – Design for responsible energy utilisation, horizonte – Forschung in Baden-Württemberg, 2006/2007

Experiment Waste Product – Design research on the relationship between discarding and designing, horizonte, 2008/2011

Transhumanism – Third eye, second nose? The WELT Iconist, 2019

Under the skin – Transhuman is what we make of it, Museum Ulm, publication Transhuman, 2020