How to sell Value in a nutshell

Rachele Soliera mit grünem Balken neu

Rachele Soliera taught about:

  • Customer know­ledge to Customer Segmentation
  • Job to be done – Customer needs: help to go below the know­ledge surface and to connect with the unex­plained moti­va­tions of our customers
  • Choice and channel management
  • Design and manage­ment of the sales network
  • The logi­stics system for the physical distri­bu­tion of products
Sales Webinar

Rachele Soliera

Busi­ness Design Consul­tant, Trainer and faci­li­tator – Focu­sing on Sales & Marke­ting areas. Work on diffe­rent markets, with a wide range of custo­mers diffe­rent in size and nature. Act both by myself and in partnering

Certi­fied in

  • LEGO® Serious Play® – Busi­ness Design an Design Thinking
  • Enrolled in the Register of Profes­sional Trai­ners AIF (Italian Asso­cia­tion of Trainers)
  • I deve­loped the Sales Design Process®, a unique consul­ta­tive an expe­ri­en­tial Trai­ning Programm combi­ning specific sales topics with very inno­va­tive metho­do­lo­gies and tools

Previous expe­ri­ence
19 years in Sales & Trade Marke­ting Dept of 2 large multi­na­tional Compa­nies cove­ring all the roles, from Sales Rep growing to Sales & Trade Marke­ting Director