Venture on Your Inno­va­tion – Build a Like-Minded Commu­nity and Make a Social or Ecolo­gical Impact


They built their team on the spot and learned how to design a convin­cing plan with already exis­ting resources – using Morlock’s impact busi­ness model canvas. 

Based on more than 20 years of expe­ri­ence in supporting clients in inter­na­tional deploy­ments and projects, inclu­ding 5 years of buil­ding commu­nity and stra­tegic alli­ances for a non-profit orga­niza­tion in the USA, Carolin Morlock showed students how to network and how to get a team, part­ners, and inves­tors on board. 

Carolin Morlock | Inter­na­tio­nale Seminarwoche

Students got an insight of how to analyze needs and how to define value and assess perfor­mance. They tested their nego­tia­ting skills in role playing games and got an idea about the Theory of Change“ and the key indi­ca­tors needed for impact measu­re­ment. In addi­tion, they had the oppor­tu­nity to swap ideas with two local ecolo­gical and social ventures.

Inter­na­tio­nale Semi­nar­woche | Venture on Your Innovation

Sepa­ra­tely, students with an already speci­fied plan prepared their appli­ca­tion for an EXIST-scho­lar­ship, respec­tively for the next goAward“, with Thomas Schön­weitz, founder of white­spring and, for many years, lecturer for Service Design, Design Thin­king and Stra­tegic Manage­ment at HfG. 

Inter­na­tio­nale Semi­nar­woche | Venture on Your Innovation
Thomas Schön­weitz | Inter­na­tio­nale Seminarwoche