goHfG promotes entre­pre­neu­rial thin­king and action with work­shop offerings

Entre­pre­neu­rial thin­king is one of the key compe­ten­cies that students need to be successful as foun­ders and employees. Those who want to realize their projects as a start-up need not only possess tech­nical and busi­ness know-how, but also insights into their perso­na­lity. goHfG aims to cover all of this with its work­shop offerings.

goWork­shop Entre­pre­neu­rial Skills“ (Elec­tive)

The goWork­shop Entre­pre­neu­rial Skills“ is all about personal deve­lo­p­ment: students discover personal strengths and resources and learn how to acti­vate them. In addi­tion, the work­shop offers space to improve commu­ni­ca­tion in the team.

The work­shop provides orien­ta­tion on diffe­rent phases of life and improves self-direc­tion skills by dealing meaningfully with anxiety and reso­nance pheno­mena in time management.

Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, teams can also learn a new and playful way to struc­ture commu­ni­ca­tion on an equal footing and gain new insights.

goWork­shop Entre­pre­neu­rial Tools“ (Elec­tive)

The project teams selected during goScou­ting can further elabo­rate their project ideas and the corre­spon­ding busi­ness models in the goWork­shop Entre­pre­neu­rial Tools“, which is offered as an elec­tive to the inter­na­tional seminar and lab week every semester.

The project teams receive guidance and best prac­tice examples on how to apply the most popular tools such as inter­views, stake­holder maps, value propo­si­tion, and busi­ness model canvas. There is concen­trated prac­tical expe­ri­ence here to get to proto­type testing and vali­da­tion faster, easier and cheaper. Students get the oppor­tu­nity to parti­ci­pate in this unique trai­ning for free to take their semester and final projects to the next level and check their investor readiness.

Unsere Student*innen …

goWork­shop Advanced

Students and teams who would like to push their start-up project further after the goWork­shops Entre­pre­neu­rial Skills“ and Tools“ can apply for the goWork­shop Advanced.

During one day, the parti­ci­pa­ting teams are inten­si­vely accom­pa­nied and can further improve their busi­ness models, pitches, and offers. Parti­ci­pa­tion in the goWork­shop Advanced also prepares parti­ci­pants for applying for the goAward and other competitions.


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