Three-Day Entre­pre­neu­rial Skills & Tools Workshop

21 LBW go Education schoenweitz thomas gespraech
Work­shop­leiter Thomas Schönweitz. (Photograph by Thomas Schönweitz)

Three days of promo­tion of start-up spirit and innovation

From May 3 – 5, 2021, more than 40 HfG students parti­ci­pated in the so-called goWork­shop entre­pre­neu­rial tools“ as part of the goEdu­ca­tion series of the start-up offen­sive goHfG. The three-day online work­shop provided tools for busi­ness model deve­lo­p­ment, posi­tio­ning, and presen­ta­tion of one’s own busi­ness idea for those inte­rested in foun­ding a company.

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