PD Module 3620

Module code


Module title

Product Design II


Product Design

Module type


Module form


Duration of module

1 semester

Offered in

winter and summer semesters

Studio workload

75 hours

Self-directed workload

135 hours

ECTS credit points


Module leader

Prof. Sigmar Willnauer

Email address

e-mail address

Learning outcomes

After completing this module successfully you will be capable of working independently with product-independent processes of a higher complexity to create added value by innovation, incorporating the experience and knowledge of Process Design I. You will have acquired skills in the application of process and management methods and have tested and evaluated them during your project work. You will have acquired skills in dealing with higher process complexity in part by working with outside experts.

Module content

Topics of sustainability, service design, processes in companies, public organizations, or in public-private partnerships will be analyzed, planned, designed, innovatively improved, and subsequently evaluated.
Specific methods such as Six Sigma and KAIZEN will be introduced and applied in project work. Seminars will cultivate an understanding of the role of product design, process design, and innovation in the corporate and public chain of creating added value.

Module teaching units

Module tutors

Prof. Sigmar Willnauer and guest tutors


Module 3410, Product Design IV; Module 3420, Process Design 1;

Teaching and learning methods

Seminars, exercises, tutored project work


Process visualisation, documentation, presentation

Teaching language


Prerequisite for

Recommended literature

Jakob SchneIGer; Marc Stickdorn: This Is Service Design Thinking: Basics - Tools - Cases, BIS Publishers, NONE edition (February 1, 2011), ISBN 978-9063692568.
Frank Bornhöft, Norbert Faulhaber: Lean Six Sigma erfolgreich implementieren.
Frankfurt School Verlag 2010, Auflage: 2nd revised and updated edition, ISBN 978-3-937519-60-9.
KAIZEN: Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg im Wettbewerb. Imai Masaaki, Ulstein 2001
Birgit Mager; Michael Gais: Service Design. Paderborn, 2009.
Satu Miettinen: Designing services with innovative methods, Helsinki. 2009.

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