Girls“ Future Day

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Do you find crea­tion and design exci­ting? On Girls“ Day at the HfG Schwä­bisch Gmünd, you can spend a day lear­ning about the three courses of study Product Design, Inter­ac­tion Design and Internet of Things.

All products that surround us were once ideas, designs or concepts. Color, form, size, tech­no­logy, func­tion and mate­rial – all these factors deter­mine whether and how we can use a product. Product desi­gners develop these products. 

Touch screens on laptops, smart­phones and the like, also need an appe­aling design so that you can deal with websites, apps and digital opera­tion. This is what inter­ac­tion desi­gners deal with. 

When the refri­gerator tells the smart­phone that there’s no more milk and the smart­phone swit­ches the heating on and off, we have a new reality. You can find out what you need to know when designing and programming, when devices commu­ni­cate with each other and when the smart­phone incre­a­singly becomes the control centre of our lives, by taking a trial course in Internet of Things“. 

In the mornings, teachers and students will provide insights into ever­yday student life. In the after­noons, you will learn the basics of your chosen course of study in a workshop.

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We will announce on this page whether our Girls´Day will take place online or in presence at the university.

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