Mittwochseminar mit Eike König

Am 13. Januar 2016 im Mittwochseminar Eike König mit dem Thema "HORT – When I was young I wanted to be a Storm Trooper."

Significant moments in my biography brought me to Schwäbisch Gmünd. I would like to share and discuss these with the audience.

About HORT
Described by the Walker Art Center as 'one of Europe's most fearless design studios' Hort was founded in 1994 by Eike König. After more than two decades Hort's impressive body of work is both exuberant and also grounded in conceptual systems. Born out of the music industry and the dream of a creative playground, it's namesake, Hort has evolved into the consummate multidisciplinary Berlin design studio of today. Hort is indebted to steadfast investment in people, long term partnerships and relationships for it's success. The studio's output remains boundless across mediums, industries and approach. From Bauhaus Dessau and others in cultural authority to sporting stars such as Nike; from corporate giants Microsoft to leading publications like Wallpaper*, Hort has established itself as a creative touchstone. Eike himself lectures and gives workshops around the world and is committed to education and supporting young people. Currently Professor of Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Arts Offenbach this passion is reflected back into the studio environment, contributing to development and the entire team that are Hort.

Mittwoch den 13. Januar 2016, um 18.30 Uhr

Bahnhofsgebäude | Auditorium B 0.01

Bild: Cat Garcia

Buchstabe G

Alles, worauf die Studierenden im Hauptstudium bauen: Entwurfsmethodik, die gesetzmäßigen Zusammenhänge von Wahrnehmung und Gestaltung, Darstellungsmethoden, Modellbau, Typografie, Fotografie, Film und Multimedia und die Arbeitsfelder der Interak[…]