Amelia, from Spain

After ending up in HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd rather by chance and spending 5 moths there I didn't want to leave, so I decided to stay 5 more! And this was a great decision.

Both semesters were quite different and each had its own special events. In the winter everything was new for me. I learned a lot about the design approach at HfG and about living alone (as it was my first time). Also, there was a nice dressed up party (Feuerzangenbowle) and a cute little Christmas Market in town.
In the second semester, as the weather was getting better, we got to spend a lot of time outdoors (excursions, picnics, sports and even parties organized by the uni).
I really liked working in groups and having an exhibition at the end of each semester to show our work and see everyone else's as well. But the best no doubt was the open and international atmosphere, where it was easy to feel welcomed and make friends that I know will last for a long time (if not for a lifetime).
There were some hard moments, but the hardest for sure was saying goodbye to Schwäbisch Gmünd and its people.

Freya, from England

Moving to a small city in Southern Germany, I didn’t expect to become by Home away from Home, not only for 6 months but for one year.
Exploring the City of Gmund in the remains of the summer weather in late September gave me hints of the positive events to come. The first day of going to the university was met with kindness from all the students and buddies and staff who then became an integral part of my stay here in Gmünd.
The buddies not only organised awesome international food evenings at the uni but became great friends to us. Inspired by our trip to Germany have now gone off internationally themselves.
This photo was taken at the sister University HFG in ÜLM, during the second semester. Erasmus for me was and is about the people you meet for life, the links you create. I underestimated the bond I would have with certain people during my time here and I can say they are now my family for life. Leaving this small town vibes I will miss, and I highly recommend Erasmus and international study, I would even go as far as saying it should be compulsory to immerse yourself in a different culture. Germany has been the best experience, and I would happily come back to Gmünd.
Its been a pleasure .

Wilson, from Australia

Gmünd gave me the small town life I never knew I wanted. I could walk to the local markets every Wednesday and Saturday and a beautiful riverside walk was a stone throw away. Most importantly it gave me the friends that stole my heart. Take advantage of the different cultures and lifestyles, embrace them, learn their language. Exchange will be hard at times. Lean on each other, cook together, work together, play together. You'll remember this above all.

Samuel, form England

A big thank you to the HFG and its students for giving me an unforgettable experience! I have learnt so many things and made some great friends during my time in in Schwäbisch Gmünd. For me it was one of the best times of my life and would recommend the HFG to anyone applying to take part in the Erasmus scheme. Thank you again for making my stay so welcome and I will miss you all dearly!

Kristen, from the USA

Gmünd is a wonderful place. Its hard to pick just one image to show my time here. I have made so many connections with Germans and International students alike. I've reconnected with alumni from The Ohio State University who now call Europe home. I've seen small towns, big cities, and everything in between. But Schwäbisch-Gmünd has been the place I've quickly called home base. Here at HfG I've been exposed to the different ways of learning and teaching design, as well as the similarities of designers everywhere. Some things just soar above culture and language barriers. One thing that continues to wow me everyday, is that wonderful sunshine dipping below the hills every evening, and popping up again a few hours later. It paints one of the most beautiful paintings im mein Zimmer. This image is just one of many.

I can't believe its been a whole semester already. Time snuck up on me. I wish you the best HfG! I'll be back someday, I'm sure of that.

Michael, from England

I feel that coming here has shown me loads of new areas of design and different ways about doing it all and that ive learnt a lot from being here and while ive found some things to better than others i feel that everything ive done has helped me out. Of course the University is good but Germany itself is great, ive wanted to be here for a very long time and finally i got here, i got to meet some really awesome people, drink excellent beers and even got myself some Lederhosen at last!

Coming here with the Erasmus was definitely one of the best things ive done.

Shanshan, from China

The more I stay here, the more I like here. Buddy, classmates, professors, courses, projects, laboratory week, different kinds workshops fulling with every kinds of machines, make me believe nothing is impossible in this world, and I would love to be a product designer to work on some fantastic things. Schwäbisch Gmünd is a small, traditional, but definitely not boring city, because there will be all kinds of parties here to surprise you and it's a very convenient place to travel to many other countries for a lover of travel like me.

Luke from the USA

My time spent in Schwäbisch Gmünd has been life changing. I have had so many new experiences, and made many great friends. Experiencing a design education in Germany has helped me understand my program back home, as well as better understand myself as a person. The exchange semester was nothing like I expected, but it is something that I can't imagine never doing. I will recommend this experience to anyone who has the opportunity. I believe it is something that will make you a better designer as well as a better person. I thank everyone who helped make this happen. I will miss you HfG!

Hadrien, from France

Altogether, my exchange semester in Germany was good. Schwäbisch Gmünd, the city where I lived for 4 months, is a dynamic and pleasant place. Even if it was cold, the rain and the snow were not a problem.
The real difficulty for me was the languages. When I arrived I couldn't speak any German and I barely spoke English. Quickly I learnt some words of German and I improved my English.
I am glad to have studied at the HfG for several reasons. I did some interesting graphic projects and succeed. I discovered new tools as HTML, CSS or cinema 4D. I also met interesting people. I was able to work with German students but also with students from different nationalities. I wish I had taken more time to visit Germany and Europe but I chose to focus on my projects.
In conclusion, I had to deal with some problems and had misadventures but I had a good time there. I'm sure it brought me a lot in to my personal life and will be a great bonus for my career.

Buchstabe M
Master of Arts

Wird nach drei Semestern Aufbaustudium und insgesamt 300 ECTS-Punkten verliehen und schafft die Voraussetzung zur anschließenden Promotion.